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Methods in more detail


Storywork offers us a safe distance from feelings that are still too raw, unprocessed and potentially overwhelming.  Myths and ancient stories contain much of human experience.  Working with stories allows us to recognize our own feelings through the eyes of a fictional character or a theme in a story.  

Ways of working with story

I tailor my approach according to each individual.  Some people like to embody a character or act out a part of a story.  Others prefer to work with an image or a moment in the story using art materials, objects, clay or poetry.  Some prefer to hear a story and then simply reflect on its meaning to them.  Others like to invent stories to explore their own personal narrative, guided by their issues, dreams and wishes.


The body and mind are connected.  However we often cut ourselves off from our body and then wonder why we can’t think ourselves out of our problems.  Our memories and feelings can get locked in our bodies and make us feel dis-connected.  Movement can help unlock and transform them.  It promotes internal and external balance and brings about a general sense of well-being.


Ways of working with movement

Some like to talk and then move, to music or in silence, staying connected with a theme that may have arisen from talking.  Others prefer to move first and then see what comes up; a feeling, an image, which can be explored verbally or through art, for instance.


Sandtray and object work

You create your own world or worlds using small objects and figures within the container of a sandtray.  Rather than using your body you are using projected play to explore your inner world.  


Art work

Art work can give form to our feelings, our thoughts and dreams. You do not have to be good at art to do this.  In fact, you may be surprised at what you can create once you have made your first mark.


Creativity for personal development

Creativity can bring you closer to your true self.  It helps you develop, grow, take healthy risks and deepen your understanding of who you really are.


Can I use the session for talking?

Absolutely, as much as you like. The above methods can simply serve as a way in to finding the words for which you are searching and the issues about which you want to talk.  Or we may turn to them as and when they are needed.

Dramatherapy can help with:
  • depression
  • anxiety
  • confidence issues
  • self-awareness
  • mid-life crises
  • loss
  • loneliness
  • accessing creativity
  • grief
  • survivors of domestic abuse
  • trauma
  • personal development
  • relationship issues
  • life changes
  • identity issues
  • being stuck
  • overwhelming feelings
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