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About Dramatherapy


Dramtherapy uses all the creative arts to help you to explore your thoughts and feelings and your relationship to the world around you.  If you have found talking of limited help, the arts can help you to find the words for which you are searching and the issues about which you want to talk.

Can I just talk?

Absolutely.  I see many people who find talking is exactly what they need.  The creative tools are simply an option to support your process.  It is also important to know that dramatherapy is never about performing.  It is about using the arts to explore, communicate and try to make sense of how you feel.

With my guidance you will have a safe and confidential space to explore and experience whatever you need from one week to the next.  Or you can bring specific issues on which to focus.


We listen to and tell stories to understand who we are.  We embody stories to deepen our experience of who we are.



Movement is ”medicine that heals the split between our minds and hearts, bodies and soul” Gabrielle Roth.  When feelings get lost from the mind they house themselves in the body.  Movement can help to un-lock, communicate and make sense of such feelings.


Sandtray and object work

Whereby you create your own worlds with small objects and figures, using ‘projected play’ to explore your inner life.  Within the safe boundaries of the tray, 'the invisible is made visible'.



Jung taught that “We are only truly ourselves when we are at play”; play is a serious matter because it is intrinsically linked with creativity.  When we play we forget about what we can’t do and discover what we can do.



Art in therapy is not about creating a masterpiece, it is about giving form to our feelings and dreams.

When words are not enough

“Sometimes I can’t find the words…”

“I don’t know what it is I need to say or how to say it..”

“Is there another way I can be heard?”

The Sesame Approach


Sesame Dramatherapy is a gentle, yet deep, therapy based in the Jungian approach to working with the imagination and the unconscious.  It takes its name from the story of Ali Baba who cried ‘Open Sesame!’ to reveal the treasure in the cave that had been hidden by the forty thieves.  This is a metaphor for the closed doors to the unconscious and the journey to that right moment when each of those doors can open to reveal the personal treasures within. 


As your therapist I am there as your guide and confidante, as you find your way back to yourself if you have lost touch, or as you unfold in a journey of self discovery.  There is no right or wrong way of doing this, only your way.

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