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Welcome to my site.


I have worked as a drama therapist in the NHS mental health sector, schools and private practice, since 2001, helping children and adults.

To answer what is often the first question, dramatherapy is a creative psychotherapy that uses stories, movement and body-awareness to support your therapeutic process.   

Whether we are working one to one or in groups, dramatherapy is not about performing.  It is about using the various art forms to give shape to your thoughts and feelings and help make sense of them.

I am a fully qualified dramatherapist, state registered with HCPC.  I studied at the Sesame Institute in London.

COVID-19 - I am also available for on-line talking sessions to support you in the current crisis including the impact the virus is having on you now, as well as any previous and on-going issues you wish to address.

Contact me on -
+44 (0) 7815 089244
Email -

Current Workshops

Oxford/Witney Upon request.

This group will run when there are enough expressions of interest.

Contact me for more information

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